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Open for business

Paige Owens’ bookshop is ready for another summer tourist season on quaint Butterfly Island. But after a lifetime of quiet beach living, Paige is feeling a little… lonely. When a late storm washes over the island and blows in a sexy, uptight businessman, she figures both of them could use a mini-vacation. Just one night is all she needs. 

Ready for down-time 

Successful venture capitalist Drake Dorsey has been living by the numbers for so long he’s forgotten what taking a break feels like, and Paige, with her free spirit and stacks of naughty beach reads, makes him want to feel everything. But he’s come to Butterfly Island with a secret agenda that will change her little world forever… 


Jenna Dales is the barely pseudonymous alter ego for author Jessa Slade. But that's just between you and me, m'kay? Jessa found herself writing sexy contemporary romances that weren't at all like her paranormal romances, urban fantasy romances, and award-winning science fiction romances, so to avoid confusing herself and others, she spun off a not-so-secret identity. She swapped out a few letters in her first name and rearranged the letters of her last name... and voilà—Jenna Dales!

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